Policies / FAQs


Processing & Shipping:
Please allow 48 business hours for payment processing.  We will process and fulfill your order, which upon demand; takes anywhere from 2-14 business days.  Please keep in mind natural disasters and holidays do not count within these days.  Sugar Sweet Hair will not be responsible for shipment damages, lost and/or stolen items or delays due to weather or delivery carrier/person.

Please be aware, during of high volume periods ie. major promotions or sales, processing times may take longer to process and fulfill.  Patience and understanding is asked of you while we work to do our best to fulfill orders as quickly and efficient as possible.

Returns & Exchanges:
Sugar Sweet Hair has luxurious quality hair and bundles and we know you will absolutely love all products/ items.  In the event you would like to return or exchange the products, please see and follow all information below:
  1. All returnable items will have a 10% restocking fee.  We will refund the amount to the card you placed the order with minus the 10% fee.
  2. All products/ items must be in resaleable shape, 100% unworn, uncut and have no signs of any manipulation.
  3. Sales are final for any products/ items that are discounted for any reason the date products/ items were originally purchased.
  4. All exchanges will result in normal processing times and will be sent to the original purchase address.
  5. We are not responsible for any return postage, shipping charges or custom fees inside or outside the United States.


How do I care for my hair?
Please visit our Hair Maintenance tab.

I just ordered a wig, how long will it take to be shipped?
All of the wigs are hand/machine made and processing time it about 7-21 business days depending on demand.  Once we receive full payment and it has cleared your order will begin fulfilment.  Please know that the picture is a depiction of the hair, it will look similar, please keep in mind that shipping will affect how it looks when you open the packaging.
How long is shipping, who is the postal carrier, & will I get a tracking number?
We ship with USPS and normally it takes about 4 days to be delivered could be more or less depending on location. Please keep in mind all major holidays and natural disasters could cause a delay in shipping times. 
An email will be sent out to the email address listed on the order with your tracking number.
I have not gotten a tracking number?
Please refer to the question above.
Do I need to wash this hair before installing?
It is recommended to co-wash the hair before installing, just to give you satisfaction and also use your own favorite conditioner.  Let it air dry and do not touch until it is dry for best results.  Remember this is human hair and needs to be treated with care, love and respect!
How many bundles do I need to order?
This will depend on your own satisfaction (fullness, length, and desired style).  For a natural look, at least 2 bundles with a closure/ frontal for anything less than 16", 3-4 bundles with a closure/ frontal for 18"-20" in length, & 4+ bundles with a closure/ frontal for anything over 22".
What is a lace closure/ frontal & why would I need to order it?
A closure/ frontal is a hairpiece in which individual strands of hair are knotted and tied onto a piece of lace and has the appearance of a natural hairline.  The reason why you would want to order this piece is to protect your own hair form damages due to heat and coloring, using very little to no leave out at all for a natural appearing hairline.  You can freestyle part on the closure/ frontal in different ways and also use it as a great finisher for wigs.  It is recommended for a professional installation.
How can I contact Sugar Sweet Hair and how long does it take?
Does Sugar Sweet Hair offer discounts?
Yes, be sure to register on the website and check back on the website frequently for updates and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for discounts and promotions.
Is it normal for my bundle hair to shed?
Yes, remember this is real human hair, so yes it may shed a little, also when in the wefting process hair that does not catch in the machine will be loose which leads to “shedding”.  We do our best to brush out the loose stands but nothing is 100% full proof. You can possibly expect to have a couple of strands here and there during the life of your bundle hair.  It is recommended that you or your stylist seal your wefts prior to installing.
Are all the bundles the same, is there a color difference, is that normal?
This is perfectly normal, please understand that truly 100% pure virgin human hair is untreated hair.  Each donor will have a different hair curl pattern and hair color ranging anywhere from black to a natural brown color, and yes, even a few gray strands here or there.  We will match it closely before shipping it out.  What is always consistent is the raw and natural quality of the hair.  All bundles are gorgeous, some may have a texture that has been steam processed.
Does Sugar Sweet Hair offer wholesale?
Yes, there is a minimum purchase order of 15 units or bundles.  If interested please email sugarsweethair@hotmail.com for serious inquires please.
Is Sugar Sweet Hair a U.S. based company?
Yes, we are based in Texas.
How do I measure my hair correctly?