Hair Maintenance

Please care for your hair extensions this is an investment, this protects your natural hair and your extensions.  Below are ways to care for your hair:
Cleansing and Hydrating/ Styling
Please use quality hair products on your hair.  Use a moisturizing shampoo & remember to rinse thoroughly.  Use a moisturizing conditioner from mid-shaft to ends and rinse thoroughly after a few minutes, then towel blot hair.  Be sure to avoid heavy alcohol based products and heavy oil, they tend to weigh the hair down and cause the hair to separate.
Lace Closures/ Frontals
Be very gentle with your lace frontals/ closures while styling, cleansing and conditioning.  You can cause it to thin if you handle it too rough.
Finger comb your hair throughout the day ever so often.  For curly hair: use mousse to keep your hair refreshed everyday.  For some curl patterns, if you flat iron or color the hair you can loosen the curl pattern slightly.
Before Bed
Remember to put your hair in a high bun or braid and wear a satin/ silk bonnet or cap to keep your hair from tangling and matting at night.